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Zero Waste Scotland works to inspire change.

We are leading everyone in Scotland to better understand how our lifestyles can impact the country and the wider world we all live in.

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Household Waste Composition Analysis

The Composition of Household Waste at the Kerbside in 2021-23 describes what households throw away and recycle, to highlight the opportunities for further waste prevention, recycling and diversion from landfill.

Deposit Return Scheme

It was announced on 7th June 2023 that the launch of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme will be delayed until at least October 2025. The full statement is available to view online. 

We will continue to make updates to the deposit return information on our website as we get more details regarding the situation.

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Everything we buy has a carbon cost

Over consumption is costing the earth

Everything we buy comes with a carbon cost - often referred to as carbon footprint.

We have the facts to help everyone end the climate crisis by wasting less and making things last instead.